Fans Hobby Master Builder Series MB-08A Double Evil A


Get ready to take your collection up a notch with MB-08A Double Evil A, the latest figure from Fans Hobby.

MB-08A Double Evil A figure is part of Fans Hobby's Master Builder series which all figures in this series are Masterpiece scale and this figure stands 15 inches tall in robot mode. MB-08A Double Evil A figure's alternate mode is a tank, plane and base with a full arsenal of weapons and accessories.

Fans Hobby figures are designed using modern manufacturing techniques and are constructed of high-quality ABS plastic and features stainless steel etching plates in the cockpit area detailing: perfect for displaying in your collection. Fans Hobby offers a large assortment of high-quality 3rd party transforming figures. Their figures and upgrade sets have a superb attention to detail, are highly articulated and posable and all of their line is Masterpiece scaled.

[Other figures are shown for display/scale, and are sold separately.]