Transformers Missing Link C-02 Optimus Prime / Convoy (Anime Colored Ver.)


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NOTE: This version does not include trailer.

This Optimus Prime is just like the original toy, redesigned to be more like the cartoon with even more articulation! The "Missing Link" series kicks off to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the birth of Transformers!

This revolutionary design takes the original plastic and metal Optimus Prime action figure and answers the question "what if he were super-poseable?" The size, conversion, and basic composition using some die-cast metal parts follow the original Optimus Prime toy. The ideal Convoy commander toy has been updated with movable joints for posing and gimmicks drawn in animation. Even the packaging and accessories are expertly crafted to match the 1984 toy from Hasbro and Takara. You don't even have to remove his fists to change Optimus Prime from robot to truck modes! An Autobot Matrix of Leadership can be stored in the chest, just like in 1986' Transformers: The Movie. His fists have movable fingers, so you can remove the matrix and hold it in his hands. The anti-aircraft gun in the container can be separated from the container and rolled to run, just like in the anime.The laser rifle has been changed to a specification where the original grip part is inserted into the fist. In addition, a red transparent "secret film" is included, and the play that can be deciphered by overlaying it on the tech spec chart printed on the back of the package. The familiar "Secret Emblem" rubsign is also attached to the robot body, and when you warm it with your finger, the faction symbol will appear. The robot body was sculpted into a three-dimensional form, which was a two-dimensional expression with stickers in 1984. A joint hole for an optional stand is added to the back of the Optimus Prime figure, allowing you to pose it like the original toy, the original packaging art, or a new position of your choosing. Two types of number plates user stickers that can reproduce the Japanese box art and overseas box art of the time are added, and a newly designed collection card is also included. Don't miss it!