Transformers Beast Wars BWVS-08 - Starscream's Ghost vs. Waspinator (Premium Finish) Two-Pack


Featuring a new selection of figures from the highly talked-about Beast Wars characters, who made their debut in this summer's movie and are back in Premium Finish versions. These releases come in VS set boxes that evoke nostalgia for the time, with color schemes that match the CG animated main story and a confrontation image against rival characters.

As a bonus stage in the BWVS series, the Decepticon Air Commander "Starscream," who transforms into a jet, appeared in Beast Wars Episode 21 as the classic special clear molded color version of "Ghost Starscream," in which he appears as a ghostly version. The confrontation features "Haunted Waspinator," who is possessed by this "Ghost Starscream," depicted in a dark color to represent his possession state, with a focus on a premium finish that faithfully recreates the image from the story, including the reproduction of the Decepticon emblem on the head.

In the closed box package, a reversible inner sheet is included that reminds you of the confrontation set box at that time, and two character cards are included.