Bandai Evangelion RG - Evangelion Production Model EVA Unit-02


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Eva No. 2 has arrived as the third installment of the "RG Evangelion Series" that pursues the reality of Android. With the wide range of motion realized without interfering armor and parts interference, the intense action scene in the play is reproduced. Sinking structure on the back of the knee reduces interference between armor parts when the legs are movable. When the legs are opened, the internal parts that image the muscles work together to create a natural standing figure. The head is also divided into small parts, and color reproduction is possible just by assembling. Eye parts are reproduced with clear molding. Progressive knife (for Unit 2) is a new model. Thunder spear is equipped with a folding gimmick. Hand parts for armament are included. [Accessories] Pallet rifle x1, Thunder spear x1, Progressive knife (for No. 2 machine) x2, Umbilical cable x1, Realistic decal x1, Hand parts (right and left) x7 each, Thunder spear handle (Right) x 1 type.