Gundam #30 RG 1/144 Full Armor Unicorn


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A combination of a structure faithful to its setting, articulation gimmicks to recreate various poses from the series, and an examination of existing machines unique to the RG series.

What is Real Grade?

Real Grade is a line of Gunpla kits by Bandai introduced in 2010 as part of the Gundam 30th Anniversary commemoration project. The RG line combines one of the best aspects of the other three Gunpla lines: The small size and affordable price of the High Grade, the advanced inner frame technology of the Master Grade, and the massive parts count and details of the Perfect Grade. The RG line reflects what a mobile suit would look like if it were built in present day. Real Grade, excitement embodied.


The Unicorn Gundam now comes with its full armor armaments! it has been equipped with beam Gatling guns, hard grenades and other weapons. Even with all of the new armor parts attached the unicorn can still create dynamic action poses. It also comes with the hyper beam javelin from the TV opening, it can also fold to be stored away. The giant propellant tanks also come with newly designed parts to recreate and support their massive size. Support stands are also included for stable display. model includes: beam Magnum x 1, hyper bazooka x 2, beam javelin x 1, hard grenades x 2, anti-ship missile launcher x 2. Beam Gatling guns x 6, propellant tank W/support stands x 2, beam sabers x 2, shields x 3, runners x 24, decal x 1 and manual x 1.