Diaclone Reboot - DA-64 Gamma & Delta Mobile Base Exclusive Set


NOTE: Aftermarket stock.  Box condition not guaranteed

Takara's Diaclone figure and powered suit series continues with the exclusive DA-64 Maneuver Gamma and Delta Mobile Base set! Each transforming powersuit includes a mini pilot figure that can ride within, along with weapons that can attach in various modes.

The Maneuver Gamma Type powered suit is an anti-Walder super high mobility powered suit that was developed for multi-purpose battles that are difficult to traverse. It converts from its mech mode's ride and dive forms, to ride mode and comes with a raid chamber meant for storage.

Maneuver Delta Type is a tactical aircraft developed for destroying and defeating maneuvers in Hammerhead and Hunter Modes, when the target's combat power is relatively low. This dyanic suit converts from mech mode and jet sky mode, to attack helicopter mode and ride mode, and comes with a raid chamber meant for storage.