Diaclone TM-15 Hawk Versaulter Orbithopter Unit (Dark Ver.) Exclusive


A space-maneuverable tactical mover machine with a huge propulsion unit in body color black on its back. In the center of the propulsion unit is equipped with a missile launch launch. The hand-held armament is a long-range rifle. Integrated transformation into 3 mode form Machine form with a long range rifle attached to the front. Heavy mobility mech form with two massive arms. Completely transformed into a humanoid combat form that demonstrates maximum combat ability! It is also possible to configure a vehicle with only the unit excluding the frame.

It has values such as boarding, deformation, coalescing, and customization of figures, and incorporates gimmicks such as stabilized anchors that support the balance of the center of gravity when standing up. A high-performance body that is condensed and equipped with the essence of the current Diacron. Tactical Mover Series is a new series that can be called "HARD-DIACLONE" that closes up elements of military sci-fi taste, which is one of the essence of the Diacron line with various aspects. Elements such as the worldview, the time axis, and the alien Walder invaded by hostile forces are the same as the existing Diacron line, and the synergy of the two lines will build a Diacron world with even more depth and depth. (Other figures showcased are sold separately.)