Gundam The Witch from Mercury - XVX-016 Gundam Aerial Full Mechanics


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From the latest Gundam series "Mobile Suit Gundam Witch From Mercury", Gundam Aerial is commercialized in the 1/100 scale standard series "FULL MECHANICS"!

  • The 1/100 scale of the main body creates a sense of layered structure that can only be reproduced.
  • The shell unit, which was not recreated in HG, produces a light-emitting expression with three-dimensional uneven mechanical modeling and plated parts. The layer structure with the clear exterior realizes a gorgeous parts configuration.
  • We adopt slide mechanism to leg. The knee and thigh parts can be moved to follow the movement of the standing knee. The toe parts also have a split structure to reproduce a natural ground contact.
  • The shield can be divided into 11 blocks and deployed as Gambit. It can be connected to various parts of the aircraft, and has a structure as a plastic model original gimmick.
  • By using the separately sold Witch of Mercury Weapon Display Base, you can recreate the display with Gambit deployed.
  • Accessories: Hand parts × 1 formula, Beam saber × 2, Beam rifle × 1, Shield x 1, Effect parts for beam rifle × 1, Joint parts × 1 formula, Sticker × 1