Hot Toys Video Game Masterpiece 1/6 Scale Figure - Batman Arkham Knight - Batman Beyond


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In the popular animation series Batman: Beyond, Terry McGinnis becomes the Caped Crusader in a futuristic Gotham City as Bruce Wayne has retired from crimefighting. Under Bruce’s guidance and training, the technologically-inclined Batsuit provides Terry the strength and skills needed to handle the challenge he faces as the Batman of the future! Sideshow and Hot Toys are thrilled to unveil the latest sixth scale collectible figure of the stylish Batman Beyond suit based on the critically acclaimed Batman: Arkham Knight video game which has taken inspiration from the great animation series.  The figure is masterfully crafted based on the Batman Beyond suit from the Batman: Arkham Knight video game, featuring a newly painted masked head sculpt with two interchangeable lower faces, a cutting-edge Batsuit appearance in metallic grey with battle damage and a bright red bat symbol on chest, a finely tailored black batcape to create dynamic flying poses, an array of detailed Batman’s signature gadgets including a Batman Beyond style Batarang, grapnel, disruptor, REC gun, freeze grenade and many more! Become the Batman of the future by adding this incredible sixth scale collectible to your Batman: Arkham Knight collection!

Brand: DC Comics

Manufacturer: Hot Toys

Type: Sixth Scale Figure

Artists Yeon Sun Jeon (Head Sculpt) JC. Hong (Head Paint) (Head Art Direction)


The Batman Beyond Sixth Scale Collectible Figure features: An authentic and detailed likeness of Batman wearing the Batman Beyond Batsuit in the Batman: Arkham Knight video game One (1) Batman head with patented Interchangeable Faces Technique (IFT) and two (2) interchangeable black-colored lower part of faces capturing Batman's facial expressions (masked and neutral) Approximately 33cm tall (Approximately 35cm tall measuring to tips of cowl) Specialized muscular body with over 30 points of articulations  Eight (8) pieces of interchangeable gloved hands including:-     One (1) pair of fists-     One (1) pair of relaxed hands-     One (1) pair of hands for holding Batarang-     One (1) pair of hands for holding weapons or accessories -     Each head sculpt is specially hand-painted  Costume:  One (1) wonderfully crafted multi-layer and multi-texture Batsuit with a metallic red-colored Batman logo on the chest armor as well as metallic grey colored armor plating and battle damage throughout the body One (1) black-colored batcape (with bendable wire) One (1) utility belt One (1) pair of black gauntlets  One (1) pair of black boots Weapons and Gadgets: Two (2) Batarangs One (1) Batman Beyond style Batarang  One (1) grapnel gun with interchangeable Batclaw and interchangeable part to become a remote electrical charge gun One (1) explosive gel  One (1) disruptor gun One (1) pistol One (1) freeze grenade One (1) line launcher  Accessories:  Specially designed dynamic figure stand with game logo