Imaginations Works - Dragon Ball Z - Son Goku

$89.99 $109.99

Tamashii Nations introduces a new pinnacle series of posable action figures: Imagination Works!

Its first release is Son Goku from the Dragon Ball Z series. Designed to bring this 2D character to ultra-realistic 3D life, it was created in 1/9 scale, which is larger than the standard 1/12, to capture accurate sculpting, exquisite detail, and the ultimate in visual appearance.

The head features two-tone metallic coloring plus added highlights, accentuating its three-dimensionality while replicating his appearance from the anime. The addition of painted shadows brings out the detail in his outfit, for an ultra-realistic appearance. The eyes are mounted separately, allowing them to be swapped for different expressions. The arms feature a newly developed "seamless" material that hides the seam lines where natural musculature would be. Each of the two types of facial expression parts and three types of eye parts are included for black hair and Super Saiyan, reproducing up to 12 patterns.