Macross Frontier DX Chogokin - VF-171EX Armored Nightmare Plus EX (Alto Saotome Use) Revival Ver.


The VF-171EX Armored Nightmare Plus Ex (Alto Saotome Use) Revival version rejoins the DX CHOGOKIN series! Features livery as piloted by Saotome Alto in the second half of the series. The armor parts and the Valkyrie are painted in matte colors for a luxurious feel, and the armor features accurate markings.

Set Includes

  • VF-171EX Armored Nightmare Plus Ex figure
  • 3 Pairs of interchangeable hands
  • Gunpod
  • Optional antenna (hard)
  • Pair of wrist covers
  • Set of armored parts
  • Anti-vajra MDE particle anti-gravity cannon
  • Large anti-ship missile for anti-aircraft carrier Sentinel AVM-11R quadruple
  • 2 Medium-range anti-aircraft missile befores AAMM-05D
  • 2 Sentinel FXA-60A high-speed armor piercing rocket 6-tube pods
  • 2 Short-range high mobility anti-aircraft missile LAI/AAMS-02A triple
  • Pilot figure
  • Stand