Mastermind Creations Ocular Max - Assaultus Regenesis Combiner - PS-15R Fraudo Regenesis


It's time to blast your enemies into the next millennium with the hard hitting, heavily armored munitions expert Fraudo from Ocular Max's Perfection Series. The Ocular Max PS-15R Fraudo Regenesis figure is the hero you need to start the next part of your collection or get a new collection off to the perfect start.

Part of Ocular Max's "ALL BUILT IN" concept, Fraudo Regenesis helps make up an aspect of a larger combiner that can be assembled with other figures in the Ocular Max Perfection Series ALL BUILT IN figure (sold separately). When he's not making up the right leg, moveable ankle joint and foot tilt of the Mighty Assaultus, Fraudo can transform into a deadly AWD military jeep with enough firepower to decimate an enemy convoy in seconds.