Mastermind Creations Ocular Max - Perfection Series - PS-14+ Assaultus Upgrade Kit Reissue


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Ocular Max presents the Assaultus upgrade set - collectors can switch Assaultus combined mode from toon style to Japanese art style in just a few simple steps. Incursus will feature a new chest while Assaultus a totally different look with new chest armor, feet and weapon. The feet parts can also convert to cargo / ramps in Incursus' truck mode.This is a project of passion and it will add a lot of play value to your Ocular Max Assaultus All-BUILT-IN combiner! Set includes: new combiner head x 1 chest armor (Assaultus) x 1 chest armor (Incursus) x 1 Rifle x 1 Foot armor x 2

NOTE - PS-14 Incursus figure is NOT included in this set and sold separately