Mastermind Creations Ocular Max - RMX-02 Catcall & RMX-05 Uproar (Premium Edition) - Convention Exclusive


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Mastermind Creations - Ocular Max - RMX-02 & 05 Catcall & Uproar Premium Edition 2pack is a limited edition 2018 convention exclusive! Each figure is MP scaled part of OcularMax's perfection series, an impressive 14CM/5.5" long in beast mode. Made of Diecast, ABS, POM, PC and includes instructions, bio card, tape case. Each figure transforms from cassette tape to jaguar or bird and back. Set Includes:- RMX-02 Catcall - RMX-05 Uproar - Instructions - 2 Cassette Tapes- Sticker Sheet