Mondo X-Men Animated - Wolverine 1/6 Scale Limited SDCC Variant

Even self-healing, raging heroes need a moment to themselves. See Wolverine in a rare moment of introspection in this ⅙ scale recreation of the iconic moment from X-Men: The Animated Series. Nestled up in his bed, see Wolverine with four swappable expressions, retracted and extended claws, lightning claw energy effect, a glossy photo of Cyclops and Jean Grey, which can be swapped out with a photo of your choosing as well, and, of course, a turkey leg. Nestle Wolverine on the shelf next to your bed today!


  • Limited Edition Sad Masked Head
  • Neutral Masked Head
  • Angry Masked Head
  • Logan Unmasked Head
  • Morph Head
  • Picture Frame with Scott and Jean photo (swappable)
  • Thanksgiving Turkey Leg
  • Claw Energy with hands
  • Interchangeable claws
  • 7 interchangeable hands: 2 fists, 2 neutral hands, 1 c-grip, 1 c'mere hand, 1 picture frame hand
  • Limited Edition Fabric Pillow
  • Limited Edition Bedroom Box Diorama Packaging
  • Figure Stand