Ocular Max RMX-01CO - Jaguar Covert Convention Exclusive


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Jaguar has gone stealth! Living up to his name and classification as a member of an espionage team, Jaguar has revealed another one of his countless tactics for spying on his adversaries. Going stealth with a new translucent smokey finish, this exclusive edition has a sleek finish and is a must-have for your collection. In cooperation with Ocular Max, Ages Three and Up, and Toy Dojo, this figure will be available as a limited release during the #TFconOnline 2020 weekend Oct 24th-25th, 2020.  NOTE: This exclusive is IN-STOCK and may not be combined with any pre-order items.  Item payment is due at time of purchase to secure your order.  All attempts to pre-order this item will be cancelled without notice.  Shipping will start Monday, October 26th.  Please be patient while we process your order; we will not answer order status questions during this time.