Ocular Max RMX-17 - Harmony (TFCon LA 2024 Exclusive)


"Harmony is the endpoint for almost all data in the universe; a bot with no emotion beyond the adrenaline of chasing good business, she’s commonly seen selling all things digital across the universe’s plethora of Black Markets. In the know and looking for high-end software at a good deal? Digging up dirt on a Galactic Government you just can’t stand? Looking for the newest patch before it’s set to release? Either way, when dealing with Harmony… read the fine print."

Harmony includes two additional shoulder pieces, two blasters, a case, and an additional instruction booklet and collector card. Harmony is the latest tape in the remix series which features premium die-cast parts and scaled 1:1 to a real cassette tape. Transforms into robot and cassette tape.