Robosen - Transformers: Megatron Auto-Converting Robot


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Estimated Release - Q3 2024

THE WAIT IS OVER! Meet Robosen’s Megatron – the world’s first auto-converting Decepticon leader, ready to battle Optimus Prime and the Autobots! Voiced by the original actor from the 1984 G1 TRANSFORMERS, Frank Welker, Megatron launches with 270+ lines, and an immersive library of interactive actions, along with incredible custom sequences for you to program.

Developed over 3 years of R&D and forged in battle to dominate the enemy – Robosen’s Megatron enters the scene with its towering 21” height, making this its largest robot available! The interactive and breath-taking experience allows you to witness Megatron convert from robot to tank mode, simply by voice or via App – instantly!

In collaboration with Hasbro – Megatron shines with its brilliant metallic finish and crafted from premium materials throughout. Integrated with industry defining technology, Megatron is powered by 36 servo-motors along with 118 microchips, which allow the Decepticon leader to walk, punch, and slash while in robot mode - or climb, pivot, and power through the enemy with the embedded track while in tank mode – making this the most authentic experience ever to launch!

Take command of Megatron with the included App, where you can cycle through pre-loaded actions, customize with easy & intuitive programming, interact with other Robosen robots through Mini Theater, and endlessly expand new experiences through the Download Center.

112 ultra-bright LEDs throughout the exterior illuminate Megatron, along with an arsenal of weapons to complete the experience, including the Energon sword and mace, 4 canon missiles, and an Optimus Prime target. Blending cutting-edge technology and classic nostalgia of the world’s most feared and beloved Decepticon leader – the wait is over - Robosen’s Megatron has arrived!

(Additional figures pictured are sold separately.)

o Premium Foam Protective Travel Case, Energon sword and Energon mace, 4
canon missiles, 40 th anniversary collector’s coin, an Optimus Prime target for
o Mobile App available through Apple App Store & Android App Store – SEARCH
Robosen Megatron
o Charging Power Adapter and (2) built-in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries

o Megatron stands in at 21” tall and can auto-convert from tank to robot instantly,
all while you enjoy the most authentic and realistic Decepticon TRANSFORMERS
o With advanced programming capabilities, Robosen’s App allows you to
customize your Megatron with unique actions and sequences you get to create
on your own!
o Equipped with 270+ included phrases voiced by the legendary and original G1
voice himself - Frank Welker - this Decepticon is ready to battle and entertain
right out of the box.
o With 50+ pre-loaded actions – Megatron has an arsenal of pre-installed Actions
sure to amaze and intimidate all who are present – along with a growing list
available for download!
o Premium built from the inside out, Megatron harnesses an array of Energon
weapons, and is powered by 36 servo motors and 112 microchips – bringing the
Decepticon leader to life right before your eyes!