S.H. Figuarts Dragon Ball - Son Gohan Beast Exclusive


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The long-awaited Son Gohan Beast from the movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is now available in S.H.Figuarts!

We have reproduced his appearance in the movie in detail with his voluminous hair and even the tears in his dōgi uniform!
We include three exchangeable facial expression parts, like his fearlessly grinning expression when facing Cell Max.
Exchangeable hands are also included, like the hands for the Makankosappo: Special Beam Cannon technique that allow you to reproduce his pose gathering the Makankosappo: Special Beam Cannon technique shown in the movie.
What’s more, a Makankosappo: Special Beam Cannon effect parts set is also included with this figure! We have paid close attention to the effect form, ensuring a space between the core effect and the surrounding effect!
And that’s not all - also included are the Son Gohan facial expression parts for use with S.H.Figuarts Ultimate Gohan Super Hero (sold separately)! Revive the scene right before his awakening as Son Gohan Beast!
 Product Description  ・Main body
 ・Exchangeable expression parts x 3 types
 ・Exchangeable left hand x 3 types, Exchangeable right hand x 4 types
 ・Makankosappo: Special Beam Cannon effect parts set
 ・Exchangeable arm assembly parts
 [Bonus Part]
 ・Ultimate Gohan facial expression parts