Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles HB0014 Michelangelo


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This Michelangelo figure will take your figure collection to the next level! He is a fully articulated mech figure that is ready to hit the streets to take on the Foot Clan! Open up the back to reveal a mini Michelangelo figure!

Earphone, Goggles, Nunchucks, 2x Barrel Gatling Guns, Highpower Cannon, 2x Shoulder Guided Missile Launchers, 2x Giant Cruise Missiles, 2x Leg Guided Missile Launchers, Driver Mike and Turtle Car Parts (Grey), Mechanical Pizza, Magnetically Controlled LED, 2x Nunchaku Stands, 2x Arm Armament Connectors, Cruise Missile Stand, 2x Leg Transmitter Connectors, 2x Back Diacast Mechanical Arms, Backpack Stand, Long Steel Stand, Short Steel Stand, 2x Stand Connectors, Multifunctional Base, etc.