ThreeZero - Voltron: Defender of the Universe ROBO-DOU Voltron (Metallic Edition)


A new Voltron collectible variant has arrived in a dazzling metallic color that is sure to impress! From the extremely popular 80’s anime Voltron: Defender of the Universe, ROBO-DOU Voltron has taken the world by storm, and the lustrous ROBO-DOU Voltron (Metallic Edition) is now available!

threezero’s development team worked effortlessly to re-create the classic Voltron, utilizing ROBO-DOU engineering to achieve a wider range of articulation and better combining functions than its contemporaries. The ROBO-DOU Voltron (Metallic Edition) redeco maintains the robot’s iconic retro aesthetic with an impressive new shiny exterior!

Accurately following the path of its predecessor, ROBO-DOU Voltron (Metallic Edition) is a non-scale, fully-articulated figure standing approximately 27cm (~10.6”) tall in Voltron mode with a remarkable die-cast main frame and an impressive metallic finish to highlight the details of the mecha.

ROBO-DOU Voltron (Metallic Edition) is composed of five Lion mecha, and is able to split into Lion mode, or combine to form Voltron. All five Lion mecha are fully-articulated figures partly adopting zinc alloy and metal parts for the movable joints. Combined, the figure utilizes 124 points of articulation for the total of five machines, with a set of Voltron mode weapons in addition to a unique set of weapons for each Lion. The radiant new finish of threezero’s unique multi-layered paint techniques enhance the figure’s finer details for this refreshing limited-edition release!

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