Transformers: Generations - War For Cybertron Trilogy Quintesson Pit of Judgement


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Spare me this mockery of justice! From the classic 1986 movie, The Transformers: The Movie, this 5-pack is inspired by the iconic scene where the Quintesson Judge decides the fate of Kranix. If you’re guilty, you will be fed to the Sharkticons. If you’re innocent, you will be fed to the Sharkticons. Experience Quintesson justice with this epic pack! This pack features classic characters from the film scene, including Quintesson Judge, Quintesson Prosecutor, Quintesson Bailiff, Sharkticon and Kranix figures. They come with laser pistol, mace, and spear accessories. The Quintesson Judge figure features a rotating head to reveal his 5 faces and converts from robot to cosmic cage mode in 14 steps. Sharkticon figure converts in 12 steps. Quintesson Bailiff figure converts in 14 steps. Quintesson Prosecutor figure does not convert, but features an articulating neck. Kranix figure does not convert, but fits inside Sharkticon figure’s mouth so fans can imagine him meeting his fate! He also fits into the Quintesson Judge figure’s alt mode cage. Includes: 5 figures, 3 accessories, and instructions.