Transformers Lunar Cruiser Optimus Prime - JAXA x Takara Tomy


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JAXA and Toyota's joint research 'Luna Cruiser' is now available as a transformer! The manned pressurized rover for lunar exploration activities transforms into the robot mode 'Luna Cruiser Prime'. A product that transforms into a robot has appeared from the manned pressurized rover 'Luna Cruiser' under joint research by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and Toyota Motor Corporation.

The vehicle mode faithfully reproduces the appearance of the Luna Cruiser that was pre-exhibited in 2019. Solar panel parts are included, and it is possible to reproduce the deployment state of the roll-up solar. 'Luna Cruiser Prime' in robot mode incorporates the characteristic design of Optimus Prime in various places while retaining the image of Luna Cruiser. A matrix, a symbol of the leader, is designed on the chest and can be seen through the window. The solar panel parts can be attached to the robot's shoulder or back, and can also be hand-held.