Transformers Masterpiece Gattai - MPG-04 Trainbot Suiken - Raiden Combiner


Transformers Masterpiece MPG-04 Trainbot Suiken

  • From Hasbro Toy Group. Bring the ultimate Transformers experience to your collection with Takara Tomy Transformers Masterpiece MPG-04 Trainbot Suiken! This adult collectible Transformers G1 action figure for adults features authentic Takara Tomy design and deco. The figure is showcased in premium deco and detail and comes in its original packaging with Japanese-language instructions. Transformers G1 Trainbot Yukikaze action figure converts between robot, train car, and combiner modes. Figure combines with other Transformers Masterpiece G figures to form Leiden (Raiden) Each figure sold separately.

Collect all six train robots (each sold separately) to build the mighty combined Raiden figure!