Transformers Masterpiece MP-44S Convoy/Optimus Prime (Toy Deco Ver.)


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Estimated Release - February 2024

NOTE:  Any additional figures are only for comparison, additional figures sold separately. 

Transformers Masterpiece MP-44S Convoy / Optimus Prime is repainted in the color scheme of the original Transformers Generation One Optimus Prime Toy.  MP-44S is made of ABS plastic and transforms from truck to robot and back. MP-44S Masterpiece Convoy / Optimus Prime is an all new remastered version of Optimus Prime, reflecting his toy styling with key details beyond yellow eyes and accurate decal patterns! Relive all the glory of the original G1 toy with this remastered and all new version of Optimus Prime!   Figure stands 9.2" Tall in robot mode and is Masterpiece Scaled.

Convoy/Optimus Prime MP-44S Figure includes an additional head piece, Energon Axe, Blaster with effect piece, and the Matrix of Leadership.