Transformers Masterpiece - MP-60 Ginrai (Optimus Prime)


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Estimated Release - January 2025

NOTE: This release does not include the trailer included with MPG-09 Super Ginrai.

Ginrai, who played an active role in the 1988 TV anime "Transformers: Super God Master Force," is now being released as a special commemorative item as the 100th Transformers Masterpiece figure (including limited-edition items)! This version of Ginrai has the same color and deco specifications released at the time, and the mechanism of the classic toy is also reproduced!

When the included Godmaster is attached, the lock will be removed and it will completely transform from trailer truck mode to robot mode. It's fully posable in robot mode, allowing it to move its limbs, tilt its hips forward, left and right, and rotate. The included Godmaster figure transforms into am eye cone (engine). Two superconducting rifles and two shooting effect parts are included too. The instruction manual is a special booklet commemorating the 100th Transformers Masterpiece, including limited-edition items!


  • 1 x Main Figure
  • 1 x Godmaster
  • 2 x Superconducting Rifle for Ginrai
  • 2 x Shooting Effects
  • 1 x Character Card
  • Instructions (may or may not be in English)